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AHMTEC Cable Protection System - Accessories and adapters

For use with the AHM-Pipe Cable Protection System there is a wide variety of accessories available. These accessories allow, amongst others, the reversal of application direction and interfacing with flanged pipes or even concrete structures. Special sizes are available on request.

Female Adapters

The AHM-Pipe Female Adapter allows the connection between opposite strings of AHM-Pipe Cable Protection.

Male Adapters

The AHM-Pipe Male Adapter allows the assembly of AHM-Pipe Cable Protection in two directions.

Flange Adapters

The AHM-Pipe Flange Adapter allows the seamless interface to flanges and concrete structures, such as beach manholes.

Saddle Clamps

The AHM-Pipe Saddle Clamp is used to mount the AHM-Pipe to the underlying surface for extra stability.

Female adapter
Male adapter
Flange adapter
Saddle Clamp
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