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AHMTEC Cable Protection System

The AHMTEC Cable Protection System has been designed as a simple and cost effective cable protection system for areas where conventional burial or trenching methods prove to be uneconomical and/or not achievable due to bottom conditions. The AHMTEC Cable Protection System is manufactured of ductile iron, a highly flexible and corrosion resistant material, and in accordance with the latest ISO, EN and DIN standards. It can also be supplied hot-dip galvanised or powder coated. The AHM-Pipe is available in three different length sizes ranging from 250 to 750mm and in fourteen different diameter sizes ranging from 50mm to 375mm. Please contact us for other sizes. Further technical details and specifications can be viewed under the submenus.

The AHM-Pipe submarine cable protectors are formed out of two identical half-shells which form a self-locking articulated pipe. For a quick installation the AHMTEC Cable Protection System can be installed boltless. During installation AHM-Pipe can either be fitted directly to the submarine product and floated-out or can alternatively be installed by divers once the submarine product has already been laid. Typical installation locations include but are not limited to shore end, subsea crossings and areas with extreme environmental conditions, such as areas with rock formations, coral reefs and coastlines which are subject to severe erosion. Due to its design, the AHM-Pipe also acts as a natural bend limiter.

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